As far as I am concerned, there isn’t any excuse to justify the cruel act of dumping or abandoning new born babies on refuse site, loo, street corners or bushes. Why can’t such women meet some advisers who can arrange with motherless homes or families who need babies?

I have heard some mothers complain mostly about lack of funds. How can lack funds turn you to be so cruel? Some women go about searching for a suitable sport before the day. In fact, can you believe their partner plans with some of them too? That is cruel and inexcusable.

According to a spate of reports, women have different reasons for abandoning their newborn babies.

Reasons some women give

Sadly, some women were raped

Some women suffer from mental imbalance

Some say they feel like killing their babies

Poverty is one reason 

Substance and alcohol abuse

Some babies are born with HIV/AIDS affected mothers

Gender inequality where mothers are left  to care for babies, while boys/men walk away


Way out of this problem

Counselling for girls 

Introduce programmes like awareness and sex education to enlighten boys and girls

Build centres for unwanted babies in third world countries.

During our charity outreach in Nigeria, I have witnessed too many atrocious scenes. Babies dumped on the streets, flushed in the loo, under 11 years old raped, prostitute, assaulted and more. Those mothers who do not wish to keep their babies can take them to a centre if motherless homes are overcrowded. Why dump them on streets or refuse ground? Remember many good women are crying for such gift. What is the government doing?

Are there centres for unwanted babies?

Seek professional help while you bear in mind that hurting newborn babies is cruel. Please don’t abandon your babies.

It is well.


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