Claire completed 10 miles run in 24 hours using the bionic suit. The 37-year-old expectant mother of two girls and a husband raised over £600.000 to help the charity which supports patients suffering from paralysis. 

Her husband has been standing by her for many years since she had her accident ten years ago. 

It saddens my heart when I hear stories of men who leave their women over little illness or women who turn their backs on men during the financial or medical problem.

Look at what love and determination truly produce? Claire has hope. History of Claire.

Anne Wafula is another good example of a motivator who inspires with her story

Anne is a Kenyan who has been suffering from polio since she was two years. She became the first Kenyan to represent her country in 400m  finals at the Paralympics in Athens. She’s a successful member of Team GB. Why can’t you get inspired by Claire and Wafula’s stories? 


Over measly problems, some people take their lives

Some examples of things people decide to do once things never go their way.

1, I visited a new mother of twins who said her partner varnished from clinic immediately he realised she was having twins.

2, I heard that a director recently took his life since he couldn’t cope with the news of his wife having triplets. No money.

3, You will be surprised to see disabled people on the streets of Nigeria seeking alms.

Why can’t the government in third world countries invest in empowering physically challenged people?

Advise to idle young people

I advise idle youth to watch Claire and Wafula,  to use their stories as a light to direct their path. Believe in yourselves, as your judgment will lead you to success.

Keep forging ahead without relenting. You will succeed.


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