It is impossible for any relationship or marriage to survive without overcoming disagreements or conflicts which can illuminate opinions.  Differences in opinions or beliefs are not the problem per-say. but the way couples handle it.  

 I remember a lady who used to swear that her husband can’t raise his hands on her, never. She kept advising her friend to leave the aggressive husband, until one day, the friend went to visit her unannounced, only to see the husband beating her mercilessly in the present of her kids and mother.  You see why you should only seek professional help instead of dishonest friends? 

Why do some men keep malice to the extent of not eating at home during any disagreement?

The way we think or react to issues is not the same, that’s why we see some men act so humanly and understanding but on the other hand, some men will use that disagreement as an excuse to go out to cheat, keep malice or refuse to touch any meal the woman cooks. That is so painful especially when some men decide to sleep on the sofa or turn their backs on their wives or partners. It brings strain or dent to that marriage/relationship. 

Learn to forgive

No matter how hurtful you feel, learn to forgive each other and move on with the hope that a good talk can resolve all. Not eating at home or not speaking to your partner/wife, will make the situation even sour.

Some men will refuse to talk to their partners for months. It sounds so cold.  In return, we have some women who will order their men to sleep on the settee or couch as a punishment. Since when did marriage or relationship turn to kindergarten? 



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