Although I would not trade my race for anything at all, seeing that black remains beautiful and resilient. 
The history of black is enough for every black person to draw each other nearer with the intention to unite in one love. We should be proud of promoting each other’s success boldly.  Blacks are perfect at sports, hard-work, education, humanitarian duties, and cooking. I am proud to be black, no ‘soap’ can change that…..winks.

Do blacks gossip?

Do you need to be black to gossip? I have witnessed non-blacks, enjoying that really well. Just like a lot of black people enjoy gossiping about each other.  Not fair that they praise the person to their face? 

Facebook black groups should be opened to networking

Some black group owners on Facebook are biased with their decision/s, they should rethink. If their pals post exactly the same, they rush to comment or share.  Aren’t we all supposed to mingle productively? We have some black groups with positive people who always promote and encourage each other…….let’s follow that trend.  
 Asians draw each other nearer, no wonder some blacks prefer to patronise  them instead of their black brothers and sisters. I don’t support that. In fact, I have a programme promoting black business patronage, where we look at opportunities and advantages in patronising our sisters and brothers more. Let’s allow money to circulate among blacks.
My point, when you refuse to promote each other, outsiders will refuse to appreciate or patronise you. 

I have met wonderful black people with a heart of gold  

Good people

Not all black people are the same. I have met extremely good black people who associate with reputable people. They encourage you.

A handful of black people are not so friendly, so use this opportunity to reconstitute yourselves if you belong there.




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