Legalising cannabis?  

I am sure we all have various opinions on legalising cannabis. Some people have stories to prove how dangerous it is, while on the other side, some people can happily vouch for its medicinal effect.

Supplying or producing the class B drug can land people in prison for a maximum of 14 years 

At the moment it is against the law to be in possession of cannabis, yet thousands of people in the United Kingdom still break the law according to drug All-party parliamentary group on drug policy reform. They all explained how it relief their symptom.


Sir Richard Branson is among numerous celebrities who support campaign to legalise cannabis

Politicians, celebrities like Richard Branson, Russel Brand, John Huffman and others have backed the campaign to legalise cannabis.  They also highlighted the healing/medicinal benefits of cannabis. Over the years, we have heard of how some people claim cannabis can heal chronic pain and anxiety, 

Deadly skunk must be off the street completely

 While thinking about medicinal gain, don’t forget that skunk is deadly! The intake has doubled in the

last ten years, leaving many young people with easy access to it. Report prove that skunk is as cheap as a pint of milk. Which is so alarming, considering the deadly side effect such as schizophrenia.


A story of a dad will help you  understand better

A young boy from a loving family entwined with the wrong group of boys who introduced him to skunk. Parents helped him out by seeking professional help until he returned to it. It got worse where boy started hearing overpowering voices which asked him to kill himself…..he killed himself! 

Side effect  

Side effects from skunk could be deadly.

Aggressiveness, depression, anger, mental imbalance, psychotic and schizophrenia.  




Wale Adewumi · 20 October 2017 at 2:41 AM

Eat more broccoli. Just that simple.

    TinuTino · 20 October 2017 at 1:56 PM

    How i wish every addict can opt to eating raw spinach and broccoli like Wale suggested up there.
    I love raw baby spinach. Smiles.

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