Vaginal mesh implants

Some women experience some crucial precedent changes to their bodies at a stage in life. Example:  Incontinence which affects one in three women, but not all women. This is caused by childbirth or age-related. 

Vaginal mesh is an option according to many neurologists, but bear in mind that we have heard of many cases where women face harrowing side effect. 

Some women said it’s like playing Russian roulette with women’s life? A urologist has resigned from work after he said, damages caused by mesh implant is becoming unbearable to the extent of leaving some women dependent on the wheelchair. It’s heartbreaking. 

What is Vaginal mesh implant?

Vaginal implants are used for treating urinary incontinence when there is a prolapse. A condition which is common after childbirth. Mostly the operation is successful except cases where there is a severe side effect.

Due to unbearable complications, some women have requested for extraction

Some of the side effects are severe. Such as pain in the leg, cut in the vaginal, some partners get bad cut during sex or some partners can no longer have sex due to irreparable damage.

After such painful experience, those victims have requested for extraction which could leave them with severe further pains. 

Sharon Hodgson says it is a health disaster which should be canceled permanently. She believes it is public health sandal.

The pain might be even more severe if unhappy patients request for extraction which can be painful. 

As a matter of fact, it is sad, to imagine some women go through such trauma after one pain followed by another. There should have been a replacement by now instead of watching some women suffer. 


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