I am not sure what Trump said but listen to the widow. I believe it will be insensitive to any human being not to feel the pain every member of any late soldier ‘s family feels. It is hard for a parent to give their blessings to their son or daughter as he or she signs away their life to keep us safe from public enemies. 

We must respect and cherish every soldier regardless race or colour

As far as I am concerned, all soldiers who risk their lives for their citizens must be pampered and respected.  They deserve dignity and love.  

On October 17,  the body of  Sergeant La David Johnson arrived in Miami, the same day we learned that  President Donald Trump called the soldier’s family to give his condolences. According to a Florida congresswoman (Federica Wilson), Trump told Johnson’s grieving widow, “He knew what he signed up for.” Assuming Trump truly made that odious statement, it is disgraceful and utterly insensitive.   

Although, he said the story was fabricated and he has proof. Remember, the Republican,  Mrs. Federica Wilson also says, she has proof too.

Donald Trump and controversies

Ever since Trump became the president of United States of America, it seems he’s been in one drama after the other! He adds spice to it with his tweets https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump 

Widow weeps
It is sad to watch the widow cry profusely on her husband’s coffin, tears flowed uncontrollably while she remembers they will never meet again. Truly, a heartfelt scene.

Rest in peace, dear Sgt La Johnson, and all our fallen soldiers worldwide. 



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