Eniola Aluko, victim of bullying and racism 

I can assure you no one feels better after being bullied. Who feels better after being bullied? Victims of racial attacks and bullying will tell you how painful it is, to the extent that it leaves some victims with low self-esteem. 

Eniola Aluko, a Chelsea ladies striker once enjoyed her career in sports until the day her manager, Mark Sampson made a discriminatory comment which was too much for her to handle. 

The ill humour from Mark Sampson;  (‘Make sure your Nigerian relatives do not bring Ebola virus to a friendly match at  Wembley)’!  Is that funny? 

He has previously bullied Drew Spence another Chelsea female player in the past.

Mark Sampson, was sacked last month after bosses learned of an “inappropriate” relationship with a player while he was in a previous job. It saddens our heart to realise young talented blacks/Africans are discouraged by the alarming rate of racist attacks and bullying.

Let us create a loving environment for each other, by obliterating invidious utterances. 

FA opened the hearing

After FA found out that independent barrister (Katherine Newton), was criticised for not interviewing key witnesses like the victim (Eniola Aluko) herself, the hearing opened. Eniola, who is eloquent has the opportunity to express herself introspectively. Sadly, it made me teary to watch her ‘LIVE’ as she expressed that she has no belief in FA judgment anymore. 

Was Eniola Aluko offered a bribe? 

It seems these following people have made a wrong decision over the alleged cover-up of offering Aluko Eniola, some money to whitewash the case. 1, Chairman Greg Clarke, 2, technical director Dan Ashworth, 3, chief executive Martin Glenn and Human Resources director Rachel Brace. They might face questions over an alleged ‘hush’ money of about £80,000.

The hearing continues live……… no to bullying and racism!



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