Harvey Weinstein claims he has sex addiction, an excuse for rape and sexual harassment?  We have a lot more men who rape and attack women out there but sadly, voices of victims are quelled by perpetrator’s fame or intimidation. 

Rich and famous men do cheat women 

Girls are too frightened to come out, girls are ridiculed, girls are intimidated, some girls are bribed and girls are cheated unfortunately. Especially those girls from less privileged home, they are not respected if they cry out rape.  We see appalling incidents like Harvey Weinstein’s case  in third world countries.

Some girls and ladies are sexually abused or raped without getting appropriate support they need

Due to stigmatisation, some people ask victims to keep it to themselves. Also, perpetrator/s do threaten to kill some victims if they reveal, that is the reason why a lot of wicked people go away unpunished.

Example of stigmatisation

A lady named Stephan Otobo versus Suleman a Nigerian mega pastor, Otobo was called a prostitute along many unprintable names just because she reported the case. This is a wake up call to humanitarian groups who are trying to protect rights of abused ladies/girls. Please tighten up your belts against threats from perpetrators who force you to keep quiet. All fake religious leaders, fake lecturers, fake Hollywood directors, fake Bollywood directors, fake Nollywood directors/producers, fake business people and fake politicians who rape,  kill,abuse,  maim  and assault ladies must  be prosecuted. Government of each country must invest in safety of girls.

Imagine pains and trauma of victims

A 17 year old was raped by her father, a 13 year old raped by five men,  11 months old, raped by step-father, and 11 year old  girl too..

Recently, a victim of rape reported to a policeman, who also raped? 

Ladies must be venerated not raped      https://youtu.be/uteKdOx1on4


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