An enemy is that person who has pure toxic intention to bring you down by all means, regardless how good you are.  That enemy will loathe you for no reason. Don’t forget that such enemy who opposes you  will always  try do damage or harm to you. Mostly, you have them in your circle of friends, family, religious groups, workplace or neighbourhood but the ironic aspect is that you might choose them as your confidant or best friends until they get exposed, Don’t be surprised to find out that the easiest way for enemies  outside to get their victims or target is by getting your information from enemies within.

Secretly, the ones inside might sell you out to the ones outside and that is really dangerous. It’s wise for us to be careful how we thread. 

 Be cautious with eyes wide opened to see those shady people who are close to you. It is impossible for enemies outside to know you without full information from enemies within.

Some people say, they have no enemies but that isn’t accurate. Someone gets unnecessarily bitter when things go well for you while others rejoice with you. A lot happens without a distinctive reason for it!

Avoid those enemies lurking about

Enemies are lurking about both inside and outside, so be watchful of exposing too much to someone who doesn’t wish you well, or celebrating your child’s success with someone who never prays for your child’s happiness or rejoice over a new car next to someone who wish your car goes up in flames. 

You can only see your mind not the next person’s, that’s why you must refrain from exhibiting too much information about your life on social media starting from Facebook. Not all those who smile with you truly care about you. 


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