Trusting oneself is a must.
How can you excel in life if you do not trust yourself? Read some points here. 
It is imperative that you first must trust yourself before you can even trust anyone else. 
Some people will say that we don’t always know ourselves but it is difficult not to know oneself. In fact, it is impossible for anyone to know you more than yourself.  You see,  you are not doing yourself justice by not appreciating yourself all the time including those days when you make mistakes. Learn to accept it and move on. When you come up with an idea, embrace it while you trust your judgment. confidently.  That’s what you want, for someone to trust you, but start by trusting yourself first. If you do not trust yourself, who will? Pat yourself on the back and move on gallantly with boldness. 
In life, we sometimes find ourselves trying most of the time but that’s necessary!  We find ourselves practicing until we reach that goal which we have been waiting for. That’s what trusting yourself do, you eventually allow your self-esteem to stand out.   
Start by trusting yourself, choose projects to pursue, learn how to boldly address some public issues and believe in your idea. Be bold when you make a decision all the time.  There’s no need in wallowing in your mistakes, but rather see the good side in yourself. 
Everyone has a weak point accompanies strength which reflects sometimes. 
Don’t always kick yourself whenever you fall, rather look for more opportunities which can strengthen you.
When you trust your handiwork, you excel. When you do not trust yourself, you would lose hope.


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