Can you believe Las Vagas has been a city since May 15th, 1905?

For those who are not familiar with Las Vagas, it has always been a fun-loving city for entertaining and showbiz. A city where many tourists find happiness and relief. It is Nevada’s Mojave Desert, full of vibrant nightlife. Some people are happy to visit casinos which are operated 24hrs, fast wedding centres, an Egyptian pyramid, museums, Eiffel tower, fine restaurants, hotels and the Venetian grand canal.


 Sunday night, October 1st, 2017, a white man aged 64, killed dozens of innocent people

Now, what led a white man aged 64 to monstrously claim 58 lives before killing himself? So sad and worrying. May their souls rest in peace. Right now, over 527 people are well, leaving many people distraught and confused. Mayor Carolyn of Nevada described the attacker as a maniac, who left today to be a dark day. The mayor said although the sun is shining in las vegas, it is the darkest day for the city. Very sad

What was that killer thinking to begin with?

That man had 10 automatic weapons which he shot sporadically at the music festival crowd while he was on the 32nd floor. Unfortunately, no one saw him! Some eyewitnesses tried to explain how he kept shooting non-stop.  You can’t believe he left 22,000 people unsettled and confused. Deadly!

You cannot believe that the man had over thousand rounds of ammonium nitrate in his car, plus explosives and additional rounds. Before finished typing this, another victim gave up the ghost adding one more to those who have been killed. the death toll now reaches 59. Was he a rebel or a terrorist or mentally imbalanced man?

May the souls of victim rest in peace.


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