British Racism 

The British Virus of racism manifests itself in many forms.  It shows up in who we are, who walks behind you on a dark street late at night. It shows up in what is deemed professional and unprofessional conduct and language. Wherever and to whom it shows up,  it’s no less a symptom of the British virus of racism that affects us all. 

This time, the British virus of racism manifests itself in a flight attendant (Joanne Wickendon) who was getting ready to resume her shift on British Airways (BA) flight to Abuja.

Seen on a Snapchat video that has gone viral, the stewardess dressed in BA uniform oozes out a bagful of racial epithets on Nigerian passengers. Listen to her “All the Nigerians are gonna be there asking for f****** upgrades because they haven’t got enough leg room because their B**s are in their way. Big d**** like this swinging from side to side.” 

 video posted by mirror daily to youtube

the woman said: “All right, so all of you are there getting ready for your Friday night, getting in the pre-drinks, you know, as you do.

“And I’m here, getting ready to go to work, put on a yellow life jacket, point out the exits, hand out chicken or beef, what sort of Friday night is this for me?


BJO · 27 September 2017 at 9:49 AM

The art of British racism is well perfected and alive. The snobbishness, corkiness, pride, and arrogance of Brits make them the worst racists of our time. Joanne Wickenden no doubt, is the poster child of British bigotry and prejudice. For sure, expect to see many Joanne Wickendens in the future. It’s a virus that can never be cured. Unfortunately!

    TinuTino · 27 September 2017 at 1:35 PM

    Who can ever imagine such disgusting utterance from a British Airways hostess in this day and age? It show the deep racism covered up within them. I feel sorry for Nigerian and blacks globally who face racism. Thank you BJO.

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