Isn’t it imperative to avoid negative people?

Why avoid negative people

To begin with, we need happiness all the time but at least we know some days can be challenging, however most times we deserve to be happy. Some people can prevent such happiness if you remain in their circle.  While positive people believe tomorrow will ooze goodness, negative people do not anticipate any good at all. They believe things will go bad. Their anticipation is constantly based on negative results or negative expectations. In short, they are filled with pessimism.

Some of the traits of negative people

Negative people will never see the bright side of anything except thinking of the worst in you.

You are better off without such people knowing that their constant complaint can bring unpleasantness and downfalls. Imagine while you are filled with hope and boldness, ready to overcome a challenge, a negative person will discourage you if you fall into their trap. 
 I’m sure you do not need such a person or people around you especially if you are a happy positive person yourself. Can you believe that ordinary greetings like: ‘How do you feel’? can be misinterpreted by a negative person who may reply as ‘did I look sad previously’? Or pass a good comment like, ‘you look bright this morning’, the person might ask you if he or she looked dull yesterday? Avoiding negative people will prevent you from falling or failing. Moving far away from them also avoid giving them too much strength to control your clear mind. You are better off by keeping good company with people who share synonymous positive thoughts like you. Be careful who you let into your life but try to keep yourself motivated and focused.
Not everyone who smiles with you wishes you well, so, choose genuine ones. 
Negative people are bad for good business to trust me! Smiles

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