Not all women think or behave the same way, so we cannot say that all women do bring other women down when they face difficulties or calamities.

Some women are actually kind while you hear some women would continue to say cruel words to those women who are feeling pains that have been inflicted on them by men.



Before we go on, it is rewarding to develop ourselves to enable growth. Once we understand that it seems a lot of positive utterances would be heard rather than cruel words from many people today.

Let us begin by discussing the effects of our wrong actions on disturbed women. Remember some of us are sweetly behaved.

The effects of stigmatizing women 

Some women can become depressed 

Some women might lose their self-esteem

Some women might become suicidal or feel worthless


Women should appreciate other women 

There’s always a reason behind every woman’s decision, try to listen to her painful story and support her with love rather than tearing her apart with bitter words.

Men, learn to appreciate good women in your lives without cheating on them, abusing them, rejecting them or bringing them down emotionally.

 Stop taking your anger or frustration out on your woman, it would be difficult to win a good woman like her back to your side again.

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