Today, the whole world talks about coronavirus pandemic that has affected over 510 thousand people and claimed over 28 thousand lives worldwide.
We need to remain focused, self-motivated, creative, calm and positive (not leaving the house for now). This is challenging times where many people cannot earn money yet pay high bills, rent, debts or mortgage. Please do not give up.

Nigeria recorded the first case of coronavirus which was one person (the Italian man who flew in from Milan) and tested positive for coronavirus last month. Followed by five cases until suddenly, the case jumped to 70 yesterday. Sadly, four hours after that, Nigeria records eleven new cases of coronavirus making 81 cases. 

The national center for disease control (NCDC ) confirmed these new cases. These cases include the governor of Kaduna, El Rufai, Enugu state has the first two cases, Lagos state has eight cases and Edo state has one case.

El Rufai claimed that his result came in this evening March 28th, 2020 and he is at home in self-isolation as requested by the NCDC. 

So far, Nigeria has reported one death, three people discharged and the rest under quarantine. In total, eighty-one cases in Nigeria.



Stimulus package for Nigerians as the reality of covid-19 steps in

The governor of Lagos state, Jide Sanwoolu has rolled out economic stimulus package for residents, as millions of Nigerians are complaining of inflation and poverty amid covid-19 disease. These first batch of stimulus packages will reach 200.000 residents.

The Lagos state government issues a stay at home warning (some people are obeying the lockdown while others are not). To help the residents of the state, he has introduced stimulus packages that contain, rice, beans garri, oil, and other necessary items that will reach vulnerable people. The economic stimulus food packages were put together by the ministry of agriculture and cooperatives.

Top politicians worldwide and high profile celebrities are not taking it lightly as some of them like prime minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus.

Try to make something positive out of this situation without leaving your house. Try online networking, projects, tutorials, lectures, and business.

Please stay at home and take precautions.

Keep yourself safe.

Share and share your experience or opinions about covid-19.

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