Nice to share what you have gained ever since you joined Facebook?

It is nice to share our stories or experience on Facebook. who can explain why some people are still circumspect? They have several reasons best known to them.

Mark Zuckerberg claimed in 2009 January that, if Facebook was a country it would have been the eight most populated in the world. Placing it above Nigeria, Japan, and Russia. He has over 150 million people who visited the facebook in that year.

I remember that was the year I joined Facebook but there was more access for unfriendly people who could access, comment and pry on your posts without any preventive button or privacy, which we have today. Although, it was fun to be able to visit your friend’s wall even if you weren’t on their friend-list.

Facebook and new apps

With time, Facebook started introducing various services which came with new apps to brighten up people’s journey on Facebook. Many people are addicted to it today which isn’t understandable.

Facebook can be used as a tool for networking with associates, friends, colleagues, and partners. Not forgetting that you can also feed your eyes with beautiful photos of adventurous journeys or informative write-ups which enlightens more.  How interesting and rewarding to meet brilliant people who update their posts or true life stories. Apart from networking, we can reconnect with childhood friends or lost families. Sadly, some people do not use the opportunity of social media wisely, so be careful instead of being paranoid.

Don’t forget some people monetise Facebook in some ways like advertising their business/services online. Lest I forget, we have watched some people post updates on how they remember Facebook as a link that brought them together as husband and wife.






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