Looking for a generous set of people might not be as easy as we expect due to many factors such as the class for instance. I don’t see any reason why a professional black person will refuse to assist another black person who is in need unless he has a lot of uncontrollable debt!  This takes us to this burning question; are blacks generally stingy or generous towards blacks? 

I think being charitable depends on the individual with their class or background.


Not all blacks are cheerful givers neither can we call all of them stingy.

Some few black people have different reasons for being stingy just like generous black people explained the importance of charity. You don’t have to be rich or wealthy before you assist the person next to you. A guy said, ‘how can you struggle so hard only to donate to charity’? Another black person said, she cannot do ‘without giving to people’.

Sadly, I notice that a lot of black people do not assist blacks financially.

An energetic friendly man has always been popular on Facebook, with at least two thousand comments from his Facebook friends per day. Those friends used to grace his posts daily. Recently, he was diagnosed with cancer leaving him helpless and weary. Can you believe that only countable number of people replied that ‘gofundme’ post? In fact, why is it that a lot of blacks seem to refuse to assist blacks financially? Let’s support each other…….. we do not see tomorrow. Get well soon all those going through one illness or the other. https://youtu.be/ixmuNeMEWjs


Are blacks living in a restrictive world which prevent them from earning enough talk less of sharing?  In fact, I have come across some generous black people. 

According to a research, African-African is generous givers than other races. 


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