Knowing your body

Is it right to learn a lot about your body before your doctor knows you? I believe we should make research and inquiries intensively by knowing what signs our body might give. This applies to those in their early forties to fifties so that as we mature ripely, we will have an idea what’s going on with us. Don’t forget exercise makes it a lot better, additional to our fluid intake. We need to drink enough water daily while we seek doctor’s advice anytime we feel something isn’t right somewhere. Don’t wait till you feel pains before seeing your doctor or physician. Anything can go wrong. God forbid! A lot can be put right if we seek help on-time. Smiles.

It is proven by psychologists that listening to our body reduces a lot of unforeseen ailments. Our body will give us hints of what is needed if we focus on so,e changes or development. The bottom line is we should visit our physician before anything gets worse.

 I have heard some people say, they will never take their medication due to its severe side effect. My take is this; speak to your doctor for a substitute instead of not doing anything at all. I research enough to know if anything isn’t right somewhere with me. It has got to the stage where I love every bit in me and I take care of myself.

When it gets to a stage in life, we need to know more about our body, especially when/if it sends any message through symptoms. 


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