Didn’t you attend a place of worship for a reason? Why would any leader see you as an enemy because you left that place of worship? 


You have the right to worship wherever you find suitable

When you leave a place of worship why do some elders and some members stop calling you and ignore you on the streets? Some start gossiping about you. In fact, you try to start a conversation but they are filled with bitterness. Do they decide what is best for you? A female leader of a church who pretends butter will not melt in her mouth did the same years ago, immediately I left her church she ignored me. In fact, one day, i tried to say hello to her but believe me i watched her moved far away to the other side pretending not to see me. The good thing is her children do call me and we still have a laugh. We have the right to choose which religion or denomination we belong to, which leaves room open for free movement. For the fact that we once gathered under one roof in the past, it means we are one family under that religion regardless which church or mosque we opt to.  The same story someone once told me about a mosque she attended where her family were treated unfriendly the minute they left the mosque. 

As a leader, if you don’t like someone, don’t force anyone to dislike the person too!  Hypocrites are doubling in size these days be alert. You have the right to walk out of any ‘unhappy’ gathering without any constraint to hold you back. It is good to worship God but not in the midst of your enemies pretending to be friends. 


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