Would you say you are dreading to return to your fatherland? If so, what is the way forward to a passable path of progress?  

So many people left their fatherland for different reasons including seeking green pastures and acquiring advantage.  Who will develop the country they left behind if they decide to abandon it and what are the problems?  These are burning questions awaiting our answers imperatively. Instead of complaining, let’s face sternly. https://youtu.be/ef40eWxXjeA


Some of us dread to return home because it is not as easy as that

Life of expatriate can be interesting looking at  achievements, technology advancement, improved lifestyle, accomplishments plus, enhanced capabilities. Let me remind you that there is a bigger gap we are creating for the future of our children and grand children who might never recognise our fatherland as theirs bearing in mind we never introduce them to it as number one place.  

Where do you belong

“But … expat life has a dark side: getting stuck in limbo, neither here nor there. I’ve watched as peers back home have married, had children, bought houses, advanced in their careers. Meanwhile, most of us here in Seoul find ourselves living Peter Pan-like existences. I’m entering middle age with nothing tangible to show for it”.Marcus Mabry & Jan Brenzel of The York Times: The Dark side of the expat.

Some of us abroad have achieved but how about those of us who don’t even know where to turn? Some returned home with all their lifesaving but after they fell victims of 419 or poor family dealing, they returned abroad to start again. Some get discouraged but if you leave it too long, that is it. 

Some people do not know where to fit in at home. What has the government back home laid down for people returning from abroad? 



A. T. Danmola · 18 September 2017 at 9:44 PM

Just make your plan and get done. People from Africa do it everyday now. Not big deal.

    TinuTino · 19 September 2017 at 5:47 AM

    Very good some people are positive. Smiles.

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