This is for those who leave their home to narrate unnecessary stories to friends about their partner/spouse. Some friends can damage your home.  Just like some ladies will go behind friend’s back to sleep with their men. Yes, you read my mind, very wrong. 

Now, there are boundaries never to cross.

First, a man calls you and tells you his fear about certain issues, members of his family or friends but you call your in- law or friend to divulge this information, it will put a  dent in your relationship. Secondly, never inform any of your friends, family members or in-laws of how much your man has in his account, they can use that to either discredit him or judge him any time he denies them of any financial offer.

Third, don’t report your man to any one whenever he is facing challenges which he can only discuss with you. When he said, he can only trust you, he meant it. Men do take their time to trust women. 


Men keep your lady’s secret safe

Men should keep ‘that juicy experience’ shared with their partner to themselves and never expose to their friends or else,  they will lose such lady’s respect and trust. In some cases it might break that relationship. A decent man respects a lady by listening to her, never by calling their friends to discuss her problems or secrets  shared with him. Boys do that not men!

A woman should never call her friends to discuss the size of her man’s ‘tool’ or juicy functioning because many women are hungry out there. 

Partners should never report their loved ones to their in-laws or family. People do have their own problems but they hide it, why not keep your partner happy!

Keep your relationship to yourself by enduring.


Ojali Gabriel · 14 September 2017 at 10:06 PM

Its true there is need for husband and wife to keep screcy otherwise they may end up divorce.

    TinuTino · 15 September 2017 at 5:43 PM

    Thank you, for your wise response.

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