Why are wife-beaters called cowards?


A man who violently beats his wife frequently to make up for his own fault is (WRONG). Do not sit back and continually take such beating because it might land you in six feet down! Seek a restraining order then report him to police. If you keep quiet, the next victim might not survive. A wife-beater supposes to garner respect but they demand it through intimidation. Can you see he is a coward?

In a relationship or marriage, whenever there’s kerfuffle which culminates to conflict it is dangerous for that couple.

Average of two women are killed by men in England and Wales each week. Source: Women’s aid. 

We hear alarming stories of death caused by domestic abuse but what prompts a woman to kill?  Some women will illustrate how the man was previously assaulting her violently until the last day when she decided to fight back wrongly to put an end to prolonged excruciating beatings. The man who killed his wife or partner will give excuse too but bear in mind that someone always gets provoked. A man who keeps beating his wife is planting a seed of hatred and low self-esteem. The fruits are dangerous and bitter.


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