How do you feel if you witness a lady proposing to a man publicly?

How do you feel if a lady proposes to a man?

Although a lady needs security but is that why we witness a lady proposing to a man publicly? 

When the lady is certain that the man is all she needs, she will love to settle down with him forever. The guy might be on the same page. It will be a bit tricky if one of them feels otherwise. 


Retrospective years were different

In the olden days, men have always gone on one knee to propose to their lover who has qualities they adored. It is never the other way. A lot is happening in this generation amidst the youth. You hear about swinging where couples exchange partners for sexual desires and sometimes, two ladies ask a man for a threesome for more sexual desire. We’ve seen some ladies proposing to their men; which has left us dumbfounded. Especially we born in the 60s & 70s. It’s always been the other way around. We can’t judge! Are those ladies scared some women might steal their men if they don’t hurry up? Are they insecure or helping their men do the job quicker by asking on time? 

As someone born in the 60s with a deep understanding of values and morals, I do not support any lady proposing to a man. A lady has self-respect and dignity, keep it intact. Don’t approach a man first and never propose to him. There are stylish ways though. 



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