Secrets to overcoming setback/s


Things that lead to setback which prevent us from achieving our goals can be negative emotions with powerful 

impact. Did someone once say you can’t pursue and win it? Don’t allow reprehension, reject negative emotions while you refuse to give in to doubt. Open your mind to that inner voice telling you that you are feeling ready. We should turn negative emotions to positive. We purge our fear which brings thoughts of failure to our mind. We should not allow it to dig up wrong thoughts. Most successful people do feel fear to fail financially.

Secrets to overcoming setback/s

It’s disheartening. Control that fear, you might not be able to quell it completely but you can suppress it enough! Let courage surpass fear. People identify fear of many things.  FEAR always go before you to prevent you from getting goals set aside. Do not allow fear in preventing you from getting that goal. Fear should not overshadow the goals you lay down but rather, you must overcome fear by celebrating new achievements. Tell yourself that you can do it. If there’s doubt or uncertainty don’t worry.  Tell yourself, you are natural and you must set that goal well enough to overcome.  Allow will-power to overtake those negations. Refer to development of your plan to overcome fear, doubt, uncertainty etcetera

When uncertainty steps in, recognise it so you will be able to understand where you need to alter or focus on. Don’t over-plan or procrastinate or else you may miss it. 

Don’t embrace low self-esteem. Believe in yourself!

The little resources you have can be maximised. Try writing down your target or milestone which enables you to check yourself for improvement.

You may find one or two useful information on internet regarding negative emotions and controlling it.



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