This is about battered men out there



Battered men out there 

In retrospective years to sixty years, it was a taboo to hear that any woman dared raise her hands to hit a man back then, talk less of beating up her partner/spouse. That doesn’t mean we should condone men beating women which is still prevalent today. Domestic violence is just so appalling but don’t we all get angry at one stage in our relationship? Some people either keep mute, deny it or avoid discussing it publicly in fear of stigmatization. Some partners are kindhearted or considerate so they don’t get this far, which is good. Unfortunately, domestic violence where men are constantly being blatantly beaten or sexually assaulted by women still continues but many men and women are either in denial of it or oblivious to such incident which has sadly caused some men to lose their self-esteem. The anonymous man once told me of how his wife will beat him and make him have sex with her after? Few of those scared men to confide in me.

Are people using words in Bible and Koran to diminish women today?

Why would women hurt their men? Abuse must be stopped. Recently, one of the researchers I did, I realized that some men are actually kept in a shelter for battered men to keep them safe and far away from those women who use them as scapegoats, this is utterly shocking, isn’t it? Don’t hurt your partner/spouse while men must put an end to beating or assaulting their women too. Many of us have made so many mistakes in the past while we were young, by not being patient or enduring enough back then but we are enlightened today, so lets advice those who are falling in that pit, to retract.The worst is, they are mocked?

Sit with your man and talk!


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