Before I begin with this introspective blog,  let me just say that it is impossible to force happiness and friendship. You see, you cannot buy happiness with cash but the kind of people you choose within your clique can determine how you think and how you feel.  A negative set of people or a group will never bring happiness except for sadness, just like how it will disrupt your thinking.  Only you can make yourself happy by choosing the right people around you.


How to be happy in the right clique

To remain happy, you need to move away from a specific set of people in your contact list,  social media groups,  networking, or around you. The clique you mingle with can determine a lot about you, so be careful who you mix with.
  • Choose the right group of positive people who appreciate you for who are regardless of your past mistakes or shortcomings. Such positive people and their feedback or positive criticism might elevate your feelings which will encourage you. 
  • Read the positive and inspiring blog; positive and motivational blog
  • Find good people to spend time with or even your partner or spouse, laugh as much as you can. Remember how healing and refreshing laughing is
  • Think of good times, good things and visualise your future achievements as you want them 
  • Adorn yourself, remember that good looks can add to your confidence 
  • Think positively without negative thoughts 
  • Live peacefully without toxic life, under no circumstances should you encourage toxic people who will try to pull you down or make you sad

Choose a few people who think like you without forcing yourself with those who don’t appreciate your quality. Also, think well and feel well, with the hope that good circles or cliques will add more to your happiness.

How do you make yourself happy? 
I wish you well.
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