Vaping is an alternative to smoking. Using an E-cigarette to inhale the vapour is called vaping, and many people who vape also smoke normal cigarettes. A few numbers of people who stopped smoking cigarettes do vape only as a substitute to prevent addiction from nicotine.
There’s been a health report that there is a high risk of health problem from inhaling chemicals from vapour which can irritate the lungs. Some people smoke cigarettes because of certain problems which are unbearable for them, relationship breakdown or due to other reasons apart from just fun. It is advisable to visit your doctor for a better solution to quitting cigarette which I understand how hard it can be sometimes. Try to keep healthy and alive!



Side effects of vaping

1, Some chemicals in E-cigarettes do irritate the airways in your lungs
2, Flavourings like Cinnamon  can cause inflammation of the lungs cells
3, There are long-term high risks
4, The inhalation of chemicals from E-cigarette can leave irreversible lung disease and lung damage
5, The chemicals in E-cigarettes can cause popcorn lungs
6, It can cause a dry cough that wouldn’t go away and shortness of breath
Does E-cigarette really worth it, you have to ask your doctor?
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