It is time for absentee fathers to try to respect and appreciate their children. Take note that those children did not force themselves to this world, neither did they beg to join your family. Show them love and support. There are some reasons why children misbehave but one of the reasons is pointing to absentee or unreasonable fathers who do not care about their children. When you refuse to take care of your children like caretakers, that gap will be filled by rebellious character or worse. Your children need you.

The reason why some boys and girls misbehave cannot be blamed on single fathers or mothers alone, but also on society. Also, there are more misbehaved children who have no respect for themselves, talk less of others. They have polluted the planet and they are waiting to add your children to that wrong circle or toxic circle unless you look after your children and protect them.

Not wiping out the fault of unruly children or young people who refuse to respect the advice of parents and elders, but rather behave degradingly. Don’t forget that children did not beg or force themselves to come to this life, so both parents are meant to support their children. Joint love is more effective and powerful than little or to zero love from one parent. Absentee fathers need to return to their children.







Reasons why young people respect their fathers more than mothers most times

Do you realise that most children respect their fathers more than their mothers? Don’t forget that masculinity is firmer than feminity, not ruling out that firmness in women too. But when a child listens to his or her father, he hears that strong voice. Take note that any man can father a child but not all men are capable of being daddies. If you are a protective father who is a good role model, you will be that reason why your child is successful today!


Some reasons

 A father is a firmer gender with a strong voice that can convince a child

A child will tenderly calm down knowing that a father is to be respected just as mothers too

A father is the first gender followed by the woman, so a child knows that, after mummy, the father is next

A father is central to the emotional welfare of a child’s well-being

A father is known as the disciplinarian 

A father is the one with a stronger voice than mummy

Fathers are caretakers who oversee the wellbeing of a home. 





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