Firstly, we should understand that it is wise to have enough pride which will prevent us from shamelessly misbehaving in society. Some people have no shame you know that, don’t you? I mean, they are so shameless to the extent of embarrassing themselves and other people. When you have enough pride, you will proudly stand firm to face the world and exhibit positiveness most of the time. You will remain motivated and happy.





Pride goeth before fall according to a popular saying

I will say that it is like a tiny mosquito that can bring down a giant. Yes, no matter how heavy or mighty you feel you are, if you are beaten by an infected mosquito or mosquitoes, you will be a victim of malaria. Such sickness will pull you down (I mean malaria). In fact, any health problem can make you sober, so walk carefully. That is how life is, if you feel you are so overconfident to the extent that no one can correct you, you might fall. We can never know it all in life, which is why we learn as time goes on. No matter how brainy we think we are, some people are wiser and more knowledgeably endowed than us. Why the need for foolish pride or overconfidence? If you continue on this ill path, you may fall flat or fail. 


What happens when you are too arrogant or overconfident?

Let me start by saying, a lot will go wrong! You might not like to hear the truth, but why deny the fact? If you are too arrogant, you will lose or miss out from a lot completely. The right person who supposes to lead you through a path might be shunned by you. As a business person, you might lose good business partners, deals or staffs. Some people will define you as being toxic or negative. For example, when you are real and humble, you can face life positively as I mentioned in the first paragraph but as an overconfident and arrogant person, you will find it difficult to face challenges or speak to those who can lend you the advice you need to forge ahead in life. You hear stories of some people who end up abusing drugs or alcohol because they are too arrogant to discuss their challenges with professionals (not all of them are arrogant). Some people take their own lives sadly. If you feel overconfident, you might lose a good relationship, especially where you feel too big to say, sorry and thank you. To even appreciate wee things will be hard for you. Learn how to be real and humble, so that you continue a successful and excellent journey in life. You may seek couselling if you feel the need. 


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