I congratulate both Harry and Meghan on the arrival of their first son this morning around after 5 am. Both mum and baby are doing well according to Harry who is so chuffed. He looked so happy, yet slightly exhausted. You can expect that from the first-time daddy. He sure took that caring side from Late Princess Diana, his mother who was killed in a car crash years ago. Imagine how happy she would have been. Bless her soul. Can you see how it is imperative to improve yourself as you move up the ladder of success? Meghan did just that. Remember her story a suits actress who was once in a pair of cheap shoes? Success is not easy but possible if you are determined and motivated. Today, she is a good role model and a motivator. Their Royal wedding last year summer was nice. 



The first ever interracial baby born to the British monarch

Today, Monday the 6th of May, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has made that unique history by giving birth to the first interracial baby boy to the British Monarch’s recent history. The bone of contention is that the baby is loved by all the members of the Royal family. The new father, Harry said in his own words;  ‘How any woman does it is beyond comprehension’! The baby weighed 3oz. Isn’t it great to look beyond colour, religion or class and focus on love? I personally cannot be more pleased for both young parents as they begin their roles as parents. Doria, Meghan’s mother, and Harry were present at the birth! 

What names would you like for the new royal baby? Send in your choice of names.

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