Chronic loneliness is detrimental to our health, causing depression, heart problems or worse if not addressed. When you are feeling alone, it means you are eager or hungry for connection with some people you enjoy being with or someone who was once dear to you. If it is due to a health condition, it means you need to seek a doctor’s advice on how to heal so that you can go back to that lifestyle you once enjoyed. Don’t be ashamed to discuss with the right person  (doctor or counsellor) who can put you through stages in getting stronger and happier again. Personally, I can relate to loneliness as an emotional burden that might drain your happy mood away for a while until you replace that gap with whatever went missing or allow the wound to heal. It can send some people to a depressive state of mind. It doesn’t set some people aside from others, as it can affect either married, divorced, single or widowed person. Something would have happened in your past to have caused you to be lonely. It happens to people due to a previous emotional misery like despondency or heartbreak, bereavement, accident or medical condition. 





How can you deal with loneliness? 

To me, it is a privilege to wake up alive each morning since we need to have the spirit of hope and mercy to carry on.  Before I continue, let us understand that we are blessed each day we wake up alive. Who said loneliness is easy to handle? It isn’t, otherwise, a married man or woman will not be lonely, just like a comfortable person gets lonely too. You can be in the midst of thousands of people and still feel extremely lonely in the heart, no matter how much you pretend to laugh aloud. As time goes by, you can feel loved and love others, if you are in the right clique, not with toxic or negative people. Read a self-help guide on how to be happy with the right people around you. In that blog, you will understand the need to be free from negative people whose mission is to add more to your problem.


Step by step guide on how to get out of loneliness and be fulfilled again

At this particular stage that you feel hurt or lonely, you need to try as much as possible to be strong. Firstly, ask yourself, how did it feel in the past when you were so happy, what led to your loneliness, and what made you happy in the past? You need to be encouraged during hard times as this will lift your spirit. Try mixing with the right set of people who will commend you not attack you. Step by step, you can heal your mind, body, and soul by attending therapy, networking groups where health development is discussed among other topics and outings which you enjoy going. If a relationship went wrong  (Those signs are explained in this link). Take your time to heal before getting involved with another person but be certain you read the signs to differentiate a player from a serious one. Being in a relationship where your partner or spouse gives you attention and love, is part of the therapy to make you feel wanted. If you need to be with friends, make sure that you are close with one or two who connects with you positively. For those who are still married or in a relationship, yet they feel lonely, try to communicate more with your partner or spouse, expressing your feelings. Go out more as a couple often and try working it out as a team. What do you both enjoy doing together? Go for it. Find peace, close your eyes and meditate in a quiet place. You can read books on meditation or watch videos too. Connect to good people and speak to a therapist if you cannot handle it alone. I remember some people telling me that they go on holidays, museum, outings or dinner alone, in a way to keep their mind busy. If your friends leave for that day, you can be busy by cooking yourself your favourite meal, watch movies,  and listen to the lovely music of love and hope which makes you happy. Also, start playing with games if you enjoy games, or try and interact with your friends online.  





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