We certainly deserve to be happy one way or the other, don’t we? Of course, we do! I don’t think anyone has a code or password to open a chest where the perfect choice of a man or woman lives, we normally agree to be with the choice we make.  Either good or bad to others we believe they are good for us until later proven otherwise.    

The first mistake we make is trying to be with someone whose mind is unstable or whose heart is far away from us. Maybe he or she loves someone else, there’s no way we can be happy with such a person unless his or her heart is made for you. What happens in such a situation is that the previous relationship might break, his or her heart is healed before coming to you. It is not responsible to be with someone else’s partner of spouse expecting them to break up in order to be with you. Most times you might end up disappointed. 

How do you avoid unnecessary drama or scene? 

Love is so sweet, peaceful and fulfilling but we sometimes mix temporary infatuation with love. It helps if you hold yourself instead of desperately running into the arms of a cheat or a player who will lie until he or she breaks your heart. Open your eyes to see who that choice is before you trust. It does not matter if you have been alone for a lengthy time, the end happiness matters. Don’t be deceived by a luxurious display of gifts or things which can’t give you happiness.  Refrain from believing every word you hear. Let them put those words into action. 

Avoid unnecessary scene, choose well.





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