Sometimes, we hear about people who jump off the cliff or high rise building, or even hang themselves but do we know why? Some of them have bottled up too many pains or even battling with one specific problem which caused worry for them. They need a professional therapist or doctor who can put them through the appropriate treatment needed. Many stories are so riveting when we listen attentively. Something leads to suicidal attempt or suicide which is why we should listen to anyone who needs our attention at times. Our positive utterance might even save a life without knowing. Another important aspect is that we should be careful the way we interact on social media because some people are depressed or so sensitive. They need kind words rather than harsh words. 



Gontran Diamo, attended 73rd UN General Assembly before he took his life

Gontran Diamo was a renowned French businessman who attended the 73rd UN General Assembly before his death, and people saw him looking happy. Unknown to them, something deadly was going on in his mind until he carried it out. He posted a suicide note on Instagram telling his fans how much he loved his mother etcetera. But unfortunately, he jumped off a 10th floor from a building in Miami! That is so grave. His suicide note


Don’t ever take your life, please!

Some people will say, it is not easy but please believe there is hope as long as you are alive. You will not believe what others go through at all until you wear their shoes, so take it a step at a time. Call some organisations who can help or even speak to your doctor. Think of positive things you would like to do in life. 

Here’s a link to help if you are having suicidal thoughts.  Read through if you are having suicidal thoughts






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