How to move from being immature to a mature loving person with integrity

We all have that time in life where we get angry over certain issues, although we handle them differently. Some people do allow their anger to mature into bitterness which can kill all fruitful thoughts in their heart (it’s dangerous). It gets to that stage when you work hard to develop yourself and become a better person with integrity. Let me use myself as an example: I have seen a lot of sweetness in life, but at the same time, I know that life hasn’t been all that great to consider one or two things which are yet to surface. That doesn’t mean that I will take life for granted, No. I am one of those cultured people who deliberately restricted herself so that I can be that role model I am. One of the reasons why I restricted myself is to keep integrity which is priceless. My name cannot be bought because it is priceless. When I was young, I probably might have been defined as immature but today, I am a loving woman with integrity! Why do I need to be seen with the wrong crowd or negative people? What will I gain from people who prefer to remain bitter and toxic? All you get from them is disappointment, discouragement, and gossip. Move with the right people who are enhanced and as positive as you. 


Why avoid negative people

It gets to that stage when you will not like to be seen in public with the wrong people, that’s a sign of self-development. A very good sign to prove that you are thinking positively. 
When I personally keep quiet sometimes, it is called maturity. For real, it took me a long time to even realise that when certain people gossip, I must blatantly ignore. Even when they make up lies which you never imagined, just ignore them. That’s because your knowledge, standard, class, and entity which makes you a unique role model within family and community, has made you wiser! Please improve yourself and ignore repugnant or distasteful comments. A wise person walks away from irrelevant confrontation. That’s graceful pride rather than show off. Change someone’s life with your achievements, don’t bring them down. Smiles.  TINU ODUNUGA 

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