Let me give you a hint of my ‘sour experience’ in Ghana, where a so-called famous ‘individual’ felt threatened by my presence!

Always be careful who you refer to as friends. No matter how much they try to show off wealthy things, it doesn’t mean they are actually truly wealthy. Especially if you are in the same line of business with these people, they will either feel threatened or envy you. I know!

Surprisingly, an individual refused to acknowledge my presence in Ghana out of jealousy 

Whatever you do, don’t be jealous of anyone’s riches or wealth. Money can make things easier and better in life but it doesn’t make you happy. Always hold on to that. Some stingy people are never happy with what they have no matter how rich they are. Some of them will always feel threatened by achievers or those who are in a synonymous field or business as they are. Let me give you an

example, I visited Ghana for the first time recently and to my surprise, the person I thought was my friend turned out to be jealous of me completely, to the extent that, this person’s intention was to try to remove my name from list of guests at the event out of jealousy. Surprisingly, this person who was pretentiously friendly in January, suddenly evaded me when I finally walked in the event. Well, I gladly walked past this bitter fake person and greeted respectable relevant people on the same row, who happily hugged me. What was the attitude for. I now trust everything I heard about this person! That’s a lesson learned. I forgive but it’s better to keep this sort of person to an arm’s length.

My first experience in Ghana was not what I expected but I focused on my good intention which was to represent the good woman who invited me to her launching. My reward is not from any human being though.

Be happy and contented

You can’t always be understood accurately or loved by everyone. Even so-called successful or famous people still envy you or feel threatened by your achievements. That’s when you know, you are doing well! #tinutinoshow  http://facebook.com/tinu.tinoshow

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