Someone told me that every day is valentine to him, which means a man should celebrate his wife or partner each day. I agree to this since we know the importance and effect of love. Well, bear in mind that not everyone is blessed with a good partner regardless if they nicely behave or not. You might be an unreasonable person married or being in a relationship with a kindhearted reasonable person. Or you might be a thoughtful person in a relationship with a badly behaved partner. The bottom line is to treat your partner or spouse right but always check yourself too! Today is February 14th, a day many lovers celebrate love, but remember love comes with its effects and benefits as stated below.

What is the effect of being in love?

Hmm, can you remember this song, ‘LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY?

Dolly Parton’s song,

‘love is like a butterfly

soft and gentle as a sigh’! 

The euphoric feelings and strength of love can have effect on our wellbeing. It affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Sex as a physical act: It has many benefits like increasing bladder control for women, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep pattern, makes one happy and confident, boosts immune system, reduces stress to suffice. We do reflect some of these positive effects while at our place of work, with friends, during parenting duties and so on.

Positive emotions: You will feel positive about things, you will appreciate people more, you will be happy with yourself,  you will feel secure, you will feel at peace, you will be happy to see that person often, you will feel calm and your energy level will be increased. 

Mental effect: Your state of mind is just stable as it gives you more happy memories. Once self-esteem builds up, there’s increased sense of self-worth, and it reduces anxiety-like nervousness etcetera.

Whenever you are in love, you feel complete. 

I wish you all a happy valentine’s day!


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