When we talk about living happily and comfortably today, it means we want to be happy with our situation or class. It means you are contented with where you place yourself in life. This includes financial status, wellness, lifestyle, weight, sex life, love life, marital life, spiritual, health, dreams and life itself. All those factors constitute to reasons for being either happy or unhappy. When you plan well, you will find yourself in a place you set aside for yourself. Change your ways or adjust so that some unsuitable factors can be changed too.

You will not take your wealth to heaven with you

I watched a video where a Nigerian wealthy man was buried in his most expensive car. The point is this, someone might dig him out of that car and start driving it around. He couldn’t withdraw his savings, could he? Who takes wealth, assets or riches to heaven? No one.


When we were growing up, I remember most families kept so many expensive household items and housewares in a safe place!

In fact, back in the 70s and early 80s, most families had those items stored in clean places only to be visited once in a year like Christmas day. Yes, keep some things, items or savings, but do not deprive yourself of today’s happiness. Some do not believe tomorrow comes but I do believe tomorrow will be even brighter and better. Smiles.

Don’t restrict yourself from good things, places or food. Some people safe everything for tomorrow which they couldn’t enjoy due to sickness, busy routine or worse.
Some kept food which got spoilt before its sell-by date or some spent savings on funeral. God forbid!  We never pray for a problem but remember today is all we see, while hope enables us to expect a better tomorrow.




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