In the shocking video I watched, a female thief is shot in the hand at point-blank with a pistol after stealing something.  That has left a bloody gaping in the middle of her hand. Why this gruesome treatment?  

This is too frightful to watch 

I watched a graphic video where that woman was so scared while she profusely kept pleading for mercy but the guy with a gun still shot her hand. 

Who can watch that for the first time without fear?  Who will watch that and laugh joyfully?  No one I know of will be glad to watch that with a happy mind.

Many of those thieves are unemployed and poor. Some sneak into marketplace or stores to steal food for their babies but they end up without a hand.  I do not condone stealing at all but common, is shooting a hand off the result?  Don’t forget some might be wrongfully accessed. 

Rehabilitation is more of a positive answer 

In some cases, we do know some people battle with different types of illnesses like depression?  Assuming one of those who went to steal has such illness,  would they shoot the person’s hand off or rehabilitate? 

They must rehabilitate those who are unemployed,  dismayed or poor so that they wouldn’t re-offend.  It is a disgrace to the Brazilian government!

Why not create jobs and opportunities for unemployed instead of leaving most people poor, to the extent that they are left to steal?  It is very sad and never must this treatment continue.  


End this brutality on poor people. 


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