Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is the leader of All Progressive Congress  (APC) political party, former governor of Lagos state and a reputable father-figure to innumerable Nigerians home and away. Sadly, he lost his first son to a heart attack yesterday. 

This has thrown the family and multitude Nigerians home and away into a sober mood, regardless number

of his enemies. 

Have you heard of any parent wishing to bury their child?

In life, one thing you will never hear of is, a parent bragging to outlive their child.  It will never happen..No matter what your position or belief is in the society, no one will ever rejoice when such a shocking news breaks out. A grown man suddenly collapse and die? No, that is so unimaginable and unprecedented. I can’t imagine what the mother, father and family members will be going through right now, but you all do have my sincere heartfelt sympathy. So sorry to hear that. 

Jide Tinubu, sleep well 

According to news, Jide went out on Tuesday night, returning home on Wednesday morning when he began to complain of chest pain. 

He was rushed to Ikeja hospital but died moments later. 

During his lifetime, he was outgoing, cerebral and business minded. What a loss? Parents; Mrs. Tinubu and Asiwaju, please accept my condolence. This must be so intense and unbearable I am certain, but please take heart. 

You will never bury any of your children again. Only God sees what is oblivious to humans.

Jide Tinubu, rest in peace.


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