Where is our Rhys Campbell?

That is the first question which will rush through minds of many mothers, regardless color,  ethnicity, race or background. A mother will always remain a mother, I mean good mothers out there who are filled with forgiven hearts. 

Late last night, I stumbled on this post https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=876844359158990&id=100005003012722  on Facebook, but can you believe I haven’t had a settled mind ever since I looked into that little boy’s eyes? I shed tears when his mother said, ‘please Rhys, come home, you know I will open the door anytime you come home’? It’s very heartbreaking to watch such a video where a mother is so pained over the disappearance of her lovely son. She said she did not raise the boy like that, meaning, he is well trained and cultured but why would he leave home for over a week without looking back?

Kindly help in searching for Rhys, a 13-year-old boy 

A lot will come to our minds don’t forget that, but I feel this is the time for everyone to take part in this search by calling the number which is posted there or go to your nearest police station with information which can lead to Rhys Campbell’s whereabouts.

Young people need you and me

It’s time we parents, friends, family members, neighbours and community workers join hands together to look out for any young person who seems insecure, weak, scared, vulnerable or lost. We do not need to know the person before we render helping hand. We do not need to come from similar background or race, before helping through our programme or support in the community.

Sharing information like this is a help. So, I pray Rhys Campbell and many other young people missing, will be found safe! 

Help us, God.


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