There are reasons why an imbalance in education makes some women dissatisfied with an illiterate partner or spouse.

It is utterly sensible to study well enough what can go wrong if a woman is highly educated than her partner who is illiterate. It is not wrong to fall in love with whoever we choose but remember a lot can go wrong if eventually, a couple realises a huge gap is insatiable due to lack of satisfied communication.       

Good communication is needed

It is impossible for any relationship or marriage to survive turmoils or teething point without good communication, I mean ‘free communication style’. A relationship where both parties do not feel scared of emptying their expression will last longer than a relationship where couples hardly communicate. If the woman is more educated, with access to people of her high educational background, it will get her thinking twice. Her high self-esteem might not allow her to adjust to a lower level of her partner like before.  I have heard of a medical doctor who now finds it hard to relate to the partner who can’t even spell his name. In fairness to her, she explained how romantic, kind and generous the man is but she claims she walks on eggshells since he can’t understand a constructive conversation.  Communication is the first tool to either hold or destroy a relationship, so be watchful before picking your match. 

 A marriage or relationship might either work or not, depending on individuals. Although a case where the woman is either the breadwinner or more intelligent than a man might be slightly different from one where the man has a stronger voice in some agreed circumstances.




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