It will make life better if a couple can both fit into this modernized world together. 

In my point of view, I believe enhanced education will reconstitute your self-esteem to the extent that you become a reformed person in character, communication, and understanding.There will be challenges if one partner remains an illiterate while he or she spends money to get the other educated.  Some relationships work while some don’t.

Education opens the eyes clearer to the extent that one will learn how to behave politely, understand a lot appropriately, become more reasonable and enhanced knowledgeably. Once one of the partners becomes better, while the other remains in one spot, it can add strain. Although making a big sacrifice in a relationship or marriage is inevitable, one still needs to think twice before making certain decisions. Education is imperatively useful in life, hence the reason to ask yourself if you need to get educated first before spending all you have to get your partner educated.

Imagine spending large funds to educate a partner while you remain stagnant.

Such partner will meet people of high class who speak the same language as her or him, instead of the partner who can’t even express on that high level. Pardon my bluntness! Assuming the partner who pays for his lady’s fees is educated enough, then that sounds fair.  Educate yourself first. 

I have reiterated this topic several times that if you spend money on educating your partner, don’t remain stagnant. Once the partner is more educated than you, he or she might not be comfortable with your low level of education. I have heard of few cases. Example: A man complains that a lady left him for another lawyer because he remained stagnant!


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