Can you tell how tomorrow will look like?


Do not judge or mock anyone by their temporary challenging situation because you can not tell what tomorrow will look like, or can you?     A person you condemned for been poor yesterday, can become highly successful in the future. Try to remain hopeful while you work hard, your hope will lead you to a successful path.

Like Desmond Tutu said, hope is being able to see that light despite all the darkness. Don’t feel let-down because only you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
 A lot constitutes to whatever unpropitious situation some people find themselves in but it does not have to affect their understanding or knowledge regardless such challenges. 
 Let us appreciate support or words of encouragement from those who once experienced a lot of challenges in the past, but tries to advise against the wrongdoings or disadvantages. Let us encourage those who are not as lucky right now, but still hold their integrity. The hopeful people out there know themselves, you see.   Let us appreciate those who sacrifice everything to hold their good married life and those good parents too. Above all, let us treat each other with love and respect without snooping into people’s private life to see what they eat, wear or drive…….not all that glitters is gold. ‘A firm tree can collapse’ but we will never be victims. A dull day can turn bright where we will rejoice fully…….this good one I wish for you and me. It is well. Good day, my people. Smiles. 


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