Knowing when you are ready


Do you know when you are truly ready to take that final step?

Knowing when you are ready

Knowing when you are ready

When does one say,  I am ready? After overcoming challenges we now believe we are ready.
Don’t be discouraged by other people’s resources or experience which are more than yours. Believe in yourself and believe in your judgment, then you are ready. Don’t be afraid to fail or falter, remember you have the impetus to rise above any setback which will turn out successful. The reason why some people refuse to carry out their plans on time is based on fear of failing. They do not expect failure at all but it’s time to be prepared and be ready to achieve that goal or dreams. Be ‘ready’ to overcome failure. Be ‘ready’ to rise and remain standing. Some athletes will tell you that they know when they are ready and when they are not but they do take a risk.  Don’t rush, although, you must know when you have nothing on the ground and when you have enough. Once you begin to doubt, go back to your sketch board to check the list which tells you how much you have put on ground. Once you are certain that you have done a lot, common, trust yourself and be ready! I am ready to become a winner, yes I am, how about you get ready too?  Don’t ever lose any good opportunity. Hundreds of people have the same special skill and idea you have, so work hard enough to be ready to achieve your goals in life. Are you now ready? 
Making such decisions makes you better, happy, enhanced, evolved and grown. Such change will wipe away life upheaval or any disappointment you are facing. Be ready for success! 


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