Are some people using words in the bible and koran to diminish women today?


When you look at the rate in which women are been raped, abused, traumatised or maltreated today, you will feel sorry for women who are been diminished.

Why backlash rape and abuse female victims  Sadly, we hear some people blaming rape victims but why?

Some women do say that religious books; both Muslim and Christian books put women down in some passages.

Listen to that imam in the video below, justifying domestic violence. He made it clear that woman who denies her husband of sex must be punished by beating her? I know for sure that that is extremely repugnant to do. Why not sit with her and discuss the reason for refusal? Many men use bible and koran wrongly! Read some quotations from bible and Koran then you will understand that both books truly say one or two things in a way to make women mediocre. 

 (I don’t agree with you here imam with respect)

Christian holy books 1 Timothy 2: 11-15 States clearly where women should keep quiet when men talk because they are men!  Aren’t we misunderstanding both Koran and Bible? I have heard some victims of female genital mutilation say that their labia and the ‘knob’ got severed or damaged deliberately to prevent them from enjoying sex and stop them from becoming promiscuous. How can men get circumcised in order to enjoy sex but women get hurt to prevent them from enjoying sex? That is coarse and cruel. 


Regardless the way some women are underestimated, we proudly have reputable kindhearted women like Rev Esther Ajayi Abimbola, HRH Erelu Dosumu, Mrs. Melinda Gates and more who are spreading good words out there while they cheerfully help people. May you all be rewarded.


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